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Strengthen your family

Tell Your Family’s Story

through custom art work!



How it Works?

Your memories are valuable and your family deserves to be remembered. Where you came from is important. Let’s help you remember them! Natalie has worked with many different families, all desiring the same goal: to preserve their family memories. How does it work? Contact Natalie with a family, a place, or a story in mind. She will help you translate that story from mind to canvas and you will soon have a memory painted on your very own wall! Want an example? Read the Decker Family Story below! Or just contact Natalie with questions.



Answered Prayers

30 x 20, Oil on Canvas

 The Decker family was one of the first families to travel through the Hole in the Rock. This painting depicts the day of “descent.” With all the hustle and bustle of getting animals and supplies ready for the 45-degree mile long slope, known as the Hole in the Rock, Mrs. Decker placed her little baby in one of the wagons for safe keeping. It was not until her husband had started their wagons down the steep incline that she remembered her child. In a panic, she yelled for the caravan to stop, but there was no way to stop a wagons descent after it had started. The pass would have been loud as men and livestock loudly communicated with each other, through the echoing walls of rock and sand. No one could hold and protect the child as potential boxes and bags pitched with the bumpy and steep terrain. Mrs. Decker and her husband reached the bottom, the first thing they did was rush to their child. They found the child unharmed and fast asleep, unaware of the possible danger it had just passed through. “Answered Prayers,” depicts the moment Mr. and Mrs. Decker were reunited with their little one, and is a reminder that prayers are heard. 


Hole In The Rock

30 x 20, Oil on Canvas

The more I learn about the pioneers, the more I am amazed by their grit and faith despite physical struggles and extremely demanding circumstances. This place, known as the “Hole in the Rock,” required the saints’ ingenuity and shear strength. With limited supplies, they used dynamite to blow out a space just large enough for a wagon to scrape through. The unforgiving trail ushered them on to a mile-long stretch down a treacherous 45 degree slope.  Their hard work can still be seen today. 

There is something powerful in remembering those who have blazed life’s trail before you. But something even more powerful is understanding why they did it, and for who they did it.  We build upon the legacies of those who have lived before us. Their faith and strong desires amidst their struggles have shaped the environment we now enjoy.


Pasture In Wallsburg

14 x 18, Oil on Canvas

This painting of “round valley” is a tribute to the pioneers who settled there in 1860. It represents the land they made sacred through their faith, hard work, and sacrifice. Remembering their legacy can provide strength in our current trials. Are we applying the lessons given to us from the past? We don’t have to weather our life trials alone; remembering that the very DNA that flows through us came from them can revitalize us. And like them, we too can also come forth out of difficult times stronger and more emboldened to face the next mountain that lies ahead.  

Haven Hill (Grandma & Grandpas)

16 x 20, Oil on Canvas 

There are many memories tied up in this little painting called “Haven Hill”. It reminds me of the many wonderful summers spent at my Grandma and Grandpa’s home. Grandma and Grandpa’s home was a place of gathering and  where love was never lacking. I remember the excitement of getting to “drive” the tractor with Grandpa’s rough but gentle hands over mine as I held the steering wheel. I do not remember what we talked about. I just remember how special I felt and that I had all of Grandpa’s attention. I knew he  loved everything about me. I’m so grateful to have a painting to help remember the moments I cherish.


Preserve YOUR Memories!

Start transferring your stories from mind to canvas. Contact Natalie TODAY to prioritize your story.


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