Natalie Crossley Fine Art | Biography
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Natalie Crossley was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed her BFA at Brigham Young University—Idaho (BYU—I) with an emphasis in oil painting. Natalie looks back on her experience at BYU—I with deep gratitude for those who aided her in developing and refining her craft. She had the opportunity to learn from mentors such as Leon Parson, Gerald Griffin, and Albin Veselka.


Natalie currently apprentices for the renowned mural and landscape artist Linda Curley Christensen. Through Linda’s tutelage she has been blessed to apply the principles she learned at BYU—I. She continues to gain greater understanding of how to visually interpret the world around her.


In January of 2015, Natalie Crossley participated in a unique project for the Classical Traditional Conference (CTC) held in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a group of artists headed by Joseph Bricky and Linda Curley Christensen, Natalie worked with Samuel Burt and several students from the Beaux Art Academy located in Salt Lake City. As a team they combined their strengths and completed a 7’ x 15’ mural on stage during the two-day conference. (Picture of the mural is depicted below.)


Of this experience, Natalie shared how it was such a privilege to work alongside amazing artists. She expressed, “Even with our different styles and different ways of achieving an end desire, strengths were witnessed and combined, accomplishing an outcome that would NEVER have been possible had we worked separately. The end result was beautiful! Not only did we have a finished mural but we were able to learn from each others’ techniques!”


Natalie’s art has been shown in the following places in Utah: Prickly Rock Studios Art Show, Western Walls Art Show, and The Scera Gallery.


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